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Sell Amex Membership Rewards Points

American Express cards are a traveler’s best friend. They are low maintenance, high valued, and generate maximum benefits for the holder. If you are a frequent traveler, you can convert all Amex air miles points you earn on the card into airline miles under the Amex membership rewards scheme. The points can, of course, be used elsewhere too. So any holder, whether they travel or not, retains good benefits. American Express has fast become the most sought after card, and one can see why.

Users can sell Amex Membership Rewards or redeem them. The choice is purely dependent on which option generates better benefit. You can sell Amex Points easily because as mentioned above, they are extremely popular. But it is widely believed that redeeming them is more fruitful. You can redeem the miles on flights, hotels, travel packages, and even shopping. The more miles you have, the better discounts you bag.

The good thing about Amex membership is that you are not restricted or you could say associated to only one airline. You have a wide range of choices before you. Amex points are bought and sold easily as they can be redeemed on countless brands and services. Selling them is easy as no airline rules apply and there is a huge market for them. Travelers often prefer points over airline miles.

You can now sell Amex points or Miles at Sell My Miles. Request an instant quote for your miles and earn dollars for your unused air miles. So, you can sell and buy amex points with us. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at 845-517-1233 .

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Frequently Asked Queries

American Express offers an approximately .6 percent value in redeeming them for statement credits. Selling them will give you the best value for your Amex Points.

As soon as we get the account information, money is sent the same business day pending account verification as long as you select PayPal as the payment option.

American Express Membership Rewards points are usually used within a week.

You can select payment via check, echeck, or PayPal. However, if you want to get paid before using your points, we can pay you via PayPal only.

An echeck is a check sent to your email. You print it out on regular paper and deposit it with your phone app or in your local branch.


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