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Things You Should Know Before Buy Airline Miles:

How Do Airline Miles Work?

You earn airline miles or points by joining the airline’s loyalty program. Whenever you book a flight, utilize your frequent flyer number, so you will earn miles that will go towards a free flight or a seat move up to first-class or business. You can likewise earn frequent flyer miles by using preferred airline credit cards, doing your internet shopping through the airlines’ shopping gateways, rounding out reviews, and many more.

How & Where to Buy Miles?

You can Buy Airline Miles from mileage brokers such as Sell My Miles. We help people who want to sell and buy air miles. To buy air miles, you need to fill out the form to get a quote via email. After verification, we will send the payment via following the secure form of payment method. You will receive miles on the same day.

Is Buying Airline Miles Ever A Good Idea?

To know whether or when to buy airline miles, math will come into play. You need to think about the price per mile if you purchased the ticket in cash versus buying air miles.

This means you will need to understand how much the airline miles is worth. Some airline miles are worth more than the others. However, this depends on how much they ordinarily charge for tickets.

Buy Miles in 3 Easy Steps


Fill Out The Form

Fill out the form to get a quote via email.


Make a Payment

Send a payment via following the secure form for payment instructions.


Miles Are Transferred

Miles are transferred the same day during business hours.


Why Buy Miles From Us

Sell My Miles is an established company with many years of experience in the industry. Over the years, we expanded our large network giving us the opportunity to partner with large corporations who rack up millions of points on a monthly basis. Having direct partnerships with big businesses and corporations allows us to offer you the most competitive rates in the industry. Additionally, since we fill the orders in house, the transaction is guaranteed to be extremely smooth and efficient. With our sterling reputation, excellent customer service, and top notch technology we are in a great position to offer you a seamless process. Simply fill out the form for a quote in your email, accept the offer, make the payment and watch the miles post to your account the same day we receive the payment. It's that simple!

Buy Airline Miles today, book your business class trip for the same price as the economy!

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Frequently Asked Queries

No, you can purchase air miles as many as you want.

Yes, orders need to be a minimum of 100k.

Most airlines post the same day. Some airlines such as Singapore airlines may take 2-4 business days to post to your account.

Miles will not expire before 18 months. However, some airline miles such as Asia Miles never expire.

We accept wires, bank deposits, checks, ACH and bank transfers.

There is no law against buying miles. However, since this is against the terms and conditions of the airlines, no information of the sale should be given to the airline. For any questions, contact us directly.