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Hyatt’s Loyalty Program has been the talk of the industry for a while. Perhaps it stands out more than other programs because the brand specialises in the hotel industry rather than travel. Hyatt is a global leading brand name that provides high-quality services and works on the principles of excellence. Naturally, they follow the same regulations regarding their increasingly popular loyalty program.

A Hyatt Credit Card will entitle you to a hotel stay on sign-up, and the perks only increase as you start to gather points. Hyatt Miles and Points are fast becoming a traveller’s best friend. You can join the program for free and then work towards achieving one of the three membership levels: Globalist, Explorist, and Discoverist. You can buy Hyatt Points, and earn and sell Hyatt Points as you redeem without any significant hassles and conditions attached.

Hyatt is widely being considered as the most popular and beneficial hotel points program. So it is no secret that your Hyatt Points are highly valued. You don’t need Hyatt Points for redemption at all times, and when you don’t, selling them is an excellent decision. The sale almost always favors the seller in terms of money generation. You can make a good profit if you make an effort. Selling and purchasing Hyatt Points is easy and smooth because of their global significance, unlike many other points, which is an added benefit to the holder.


Selling Hyatt Points: Pointers and Tips for 2023


If you plan to sell your Hyatt points in 2023, keep in mind the following pointers:


  1. Hyatt points are highly valued in the hotel points programs. Thus, they offer high returns when sold.
  2. Selling Hyatt points is relatively easy because of their high demand. However, be cautious and carefully review potential buyers before making a decision.
  3. It is recommended to sell your points to legitimate buyers who offer 100% payment and data security. Also, ensure that they transfer the payment to your account before using your Hyatt points.


Therefore, make sure you follow these tips when selling your Hyatt points in 2023 to get the most value out of them.


How to Earn Hyatt Points

There are several ways to earn Hyatt points. You can earn 5 points per every dollar spent on hotel stays, dining, and spa services at participating locations. You can earn 10 points for every dollar spent on FIND experiences, and 5 points for every dollar spent on stays at Small Luxury Hotels of the World. You can also earn bonus points on every purchase made with the World of Hyatt Credit Card, and 500 bonus points for Avis car rentals.

Sell My Miles offers a hassle-free and reliable way to sell Hyatt Points with complete peace of mind. Here’s why you should choose us:


  1. Data Security: Your personal and financial data are encrypted and protected.
  2. Safe Prepayment: We pre-pay you with Paypal before we use the miles.
  3. 5-Stars Rating on Google Reviews: We scored five stars in the independent Google Reviews ranking.
  4. Over 7 billion miles traded: We have a proven track record in the industry.
  5. 55,000 airlines serviced: Our vast network allows us to serve a diverse clientele.


Sell Hyatt Miles Points in 3 Easy Steps.


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You Get Paid

You get paid instantly during business hours.

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SellMy Miles is your dedicated platform for selling your Hyatt points. We offer a secure and efficient process to help you convert your unused loyalty rewards into valuable assets. If you're looking to cash in on your Hyatt points, trust SellMy Miles to make the process smooth and hassle-free. Start today and unlock the value of your Hyatt points!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Hyatt Points go to waste if not used right away. With so many blackout dates and most programs putting an expiry on the mileage, selling Hyatt points is the best option for those who can't utilize them via travel.

As soon as we get the account information, money is sent the same business day pending account verification as long as you select PayPal as the payment option.

Hyatt points are usually used within a week.

You can select payment via check, echeck, or PayPal. However, if you want to get paid before using your points, we can pay you via PayPal only.

An echeck is a check sent to your email. You print it out on regular paper and deposit it with your phone app or in your local branch.

You can Redeem Hyatt Points at partaking spas and restaurants around the world. You can also redeem Hyatt Points during checkout at Hyatt hotels & resorts around the globe.

Yes, it is possible to share your Hyatt points with any other World of Hyatt account holder. There is no fee required for the transfer. However, there are two important policies that you should keep in mind. Firstly, World of Hyatt points can only be transferred to another member if it is necessary to have enough points to redeem a particular award. Additionally, points can only be combined every 30 days, regardless of whether you are the sender or the recipient of the points.

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